the world is round with Ripe Time and BAM

TWIR_Kristen Sieh

photo by Todd France

Coming up outside of my performance schedule is The World is Round with Ripe Time and BAM, conceived, written & directed by Rachel Dickstein (whom I recently worked with on Thumbprint during PROTOTYPE 2014).

I’ll be serving as Vocal Director/Rehearsal Pianist until Composer/Music Director Heather Christian arrives in early April, teaching the ensemble (Kristen Sieh, Grace McLean, Hannah Heller, and Blake DeLong) their vocal parts and playing for all rehearsals. I am already loving the mix of Christian’s indie-folk-gospel music using Gertrude Stein’s beloved text.

Don’t miss this “play with songs and mountains”, from April 17-30 at BAM Fisher. 

“Once upon a time the world was round and you could go on it around and around…

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