composers & the voice 2015-17

C&V 2015-17 fellows

American Opera Projects’ Composers & the Voice workshop series is hereĀ again! With ten new Fellows (six composers and four librettists), six Resident Singers, three Music Directors, three Guest Instructors, and one Artistic Director named Steven Osgood, who knows what musical possibilities lie ahead…

As Steve’s Assistant Artistic Director AND 1/3rd of the music director team, I help to organize the inner workings of C&V throughout the month as well as musically prepare a newly-composed song written for one of our resident singers. It’s always a wonderful family to be a part of, and being involved both administratively and musically allows for a unique way to connect with all of the participants.

Cheers to you, C&V 2015-17…here’s to a great year! And watch out, world, for our public performances in May and September 2016.


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